Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Grindstone Creative provides multi-camera live streaming production services for virtually any type of event. We offer resources for all aspects of the webcasting process: pre-production, broadcast identity design, live encoding, and post-production.

No matter what your special event: graduations, conferences, meetings, press conferences, training sessions, sporting events and more, you can expand your audience around the town or around the globe by live streaming the event publicly or privately to your audience. On-demand options are available also.

  • Single or multiple-camera shoots in full HD
  • Production switching
  • Professional lighting
  • Post-production editing
  • Professional audio & mixing
  • Titles and Broadcast Graphics
  • Color correction

Why live stream your event?

There are a number of reasons to record and also broadcast your event, here are some of the top reasons:

Expand Your Reach
Bring your content to audiences that cannot physically attend your event and attract new customers.

Decrease Travel Expenses
Whether its you or your audience traveling, save valuable travel time and resources, have viewers watch from their home or office.

Retain Valuable Information
Have you ever had a presenter give such an amazing presentation that you wish it had been recorded?
Keep important and educational information from conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, and more.  Offering live and on-demand video playback of your event builds lasting value and the option to create libraries for future reference.

Extend Your Marketing Reach
Extend your marketing message to every single viewer.  No matter where the video is played, embedded blogs, advertisements, messages or social media tags in the corner of the screen will be seen throughout the video.

A Special Value-Add for Sponsorships
Sponsors and advertisers will appreciate having their brands and messaging extended beyond a one time event.  With expanded viewership, sponsorship value increases, adding to your bottom line.
Sponsor logos and advertisements can be shown throughout the broadcast as a paid add-on.

View on Any Computer or Mobile Device
No matter what the viewing device, your viewers will have a consistent experience.  Our streaming services work on all browsers and mobile devices in high definition.

Customized Web Page
Your video is showcased on a customized web page for consistent branding with your event’s marketing messages.

Simple Social Media Interaction
Post the URL of the streaming video to your website, YouTube, Twitter or directly to Facebook for everyone to enjoy and forward.  Viewers can chat with each other and seamlessly share the experience with friends across social platforms.