Meddlesome Brewing Co.

Meddlesome Brewing Co.

March 25, 2017 Off By Josh

Meddlesome Brewing Co.

Meddlesome Brewing Co. is the newest brewery in the Memphis area, and what new business doesn’t need a new website and product photos?

A Website With Both Function & Form

Meddlesome owners, Ben & Richie, wanted to keep their website relatively simple, still have the functionality they needed and also be easy for their team to use.

If you’ve never visited the Taproom at Meddlesome Brewing, let me tell you, it’s one of the coolest we’ve ever visited. Hand painted steam punk elements can be found throughout, as well as a giant geared cog above the bar. The bar itself is built with a rustic reclaimed wood and topped with a sheet of copper, riveted in place. We wanted to carry this look over to the website, so we added a repeating reclaimed wood background and continued with colors from the Taproom throughout the stylesheet.

Next, we added an event and food truck calendar, so visiting guests can see what live entertainment and food options were available. Because their beers can be found all over the city, they wanted customers to be able to find what stores near them sold their favorites. To make this easier, a “Beer Finder” was added and the staff can add new locations as their distribution grows, complete with custom icons to show visitors whether they can stop in for a pint, get their growler filled, or both. Customers can place keg orders for pick up through the website also, with a simple form that goes straight to the Meddlesome team.

We Make Beer

Meddlesome’s beers fall into three categories, Curious (flagship beers), Mischievous (seasonal beers) and Troublesome (small-batch beers). A photo of each beer and the hops used to brew it was taken and added to show the history of Meddlesome as they progress.

E-Commerce & Product Photography

Soon after launching the website, Meddlesome added t-shirts, hats and other Meddlesome-branded gear and wanted their customers to be able to order online. We added an online store to the website and showed the team how to process and manage orders as they came in. We took photos of each item for the website, much like the beer photos, to keep the same look and feel from the rest of the website.