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    Is This a Religious Wedding? If so what religion/denomination?

    Any Special Traditions etc Happening on the Big Day?

    How Many Guests will you be expecting? (This doesn't affect your wedding package, we just like to know)

    What setting will the ceremony be in: chapel, cathedral, temple, reception hall, outdoors, tent, etc.?

    Are there any photography/videography restrictions at the ceremony? (Please consult your venue)

    Any Restrictions or Guidelines at the reception Location?

    Is There a Dress Code on the big day? If so, What is it?

    Please list any other special moments we need to be aware of during the ceremony (unity candle, sand ceremony, singing, readings, etc)

    Please briefly describe the setting, props, lighting for the B+G departure (sparklers, bubbles, streamers, etc)

    Please list any other special moments we need to be aware of during the reception (traditions, someone singing, special intros for B+G or wedding party, choreographed first dances, etc)

    Who else made this beautiful day possible? (Please list any vendors including hair stylist, makeup artist, flower shop, music, venue, chef etc.)

    Understanding Guest Messages/Wedding Party Interviews

    If your package includes Guest Messages, Guests will be asked to give a special message or best wishes to the B+G on their wedding day. Not all guests will give a message, some will be short & sweet and others will almost be long enough for their own segment, but they'll all be included in a single video. Occasionally, there's a guest that gives a message that you may not want in your guest messages video, in those cases, we send you an email and let you decide whether to leave it in or take it out.
    If your package includes Wedding Party Interviews, members of your wedding party will be asked a few questions about their relationship to the bride or groom. Typically we ask the bridesmaids about the bride and the groomsmen about the groom, but in some cases, a bridesmaid is a long time friend of the groom or a groomsman is the brother of the bride. In those cases, we adjust questions accordingly. We find that its best to do the interviews in a quiet place, before the ceremony, away from the rest of the wedding party, so the responses are more from the heart and not distracted (this is especially true for the groomsmen!). Similar to Guest Messages, the answers to the questions during their interviews can vary in length (as well as content). Interviews usually take 3-5 minutes each, but can take longer. That being said, if you have 5 bridesmaids, a maid of honor and 5 groomsmen and a best man, those 12 interviews can take between 40 and 60 minutes to complete (plus time to find who we're interviewing). Please factor this time into your wedding day timeline.
    Lastly, if you plan to have letter readings or vows as part of your wedding film, please let us know as early as possible! Letters and vows are a great way to drive the story of your wedding day, but we need to capture the audio of the B+G reading their letters before the ceremony, so we have the clean audio recording. We often film a few clips of you both writing parts of your letters to use in your wedding film.

    I have read and understand the Guest Message/Wedding Party Interview process above We are not having Guest Messages/Wedding Party Interviews

    Additional comments about interviews:


    How did you two first meet?

    Tell me about the "spark".. What's your love story?

    When did you get engaged?

    How did it happen?

    I want your wedding to be absolutely perfect! Please keep these few suggestions in mind to capture your day more flawlessly:

    Please avoid overly glossy lipstick and consider foundation or powder that will reduce the chance of having a shiny face.

    Sometimes during the ceremony, guests are unaware that cell phones get in the way of capture beautiful images. It might be best to gently let everyone know before the ceremony to silence and not take pictures in the aisle during that time.

    Be sure to relax!

    Thank you SO much to taking the time to fill out all of the above. I really appreciate it! I will be in touch as soon as I read over this to ask questions and give any suggestions that I may have.