Date 09 May, 2017
Project Type Design

Armed with little more than their tools, vast knowledge of Volkswagens and a simplistic logo, fashioned after a trim emblem from one of their favorite cars, Jim & Patrick opened Wolfsburg Automotive as an affordable alternative to dealership maintenance and repair.
Once word got out, the parking lot was constantly full with a 2 week wait. Needing a basic website to represent their quality work and friendly service, we put together a simple, HTML based website in 2008 that showed provided services, vehicle brands that service was available to, a few photos and a little info about the owners.

A short time later, Jim and Patrick wanted the ability to update their website copy, add pages, testimonials, photos, etc. Having no back-end interface and the need for code to display the information, this can be a little difficult with an HTML site, so a move to a content management system (CMS) was necessary. Keeping a similar design to the original, we were able to give a slight update to the website and give our clients the flexibility they wanted.

By 2011, the business had grown to 6 technicians, office staff and service writers. Along with that growth came the need for a slight rebrand, giving a bit more of an edgy feel that would align with the updated look of the Wolfsburg office and waiting area.
An updated logo was created, using elements from their previous logo and incorporating the crest from the city of Wolfsburg, Germany.

Employee attire was updated from the standard button down workshirt to a more comfortable (and affordable) t-shirt with the company logo.

With the rebranding, a new website was needed. Jim had found that updating a website, writing new content, adding photos and updating social media was quite time consuming, so we took over with the SEO, content/blog writing and social media updates. New photos were needed for various sections of the website, including product and employee photos.

In addition to new business cards, new work orders were designed, with appropriate space for technician notes, recommended services and parts requests.

With previous website versions, the design was rather basic, which is exactly what was requested. With this version, not only did Jim want to wow the viewer with the design, he wanted more information, blog posts, event photos and customer testimonials.