The Goofball Rally

The Goofball Rally

June 27, 2015 Off By Josh


Each year, Volkswagen enthusiasts from all over the country, even abroad, caravan to a small, Bavarian themed town in the Smoky Mountains of Georgia.

For the drivers in Tennessee attending this event, the staff at and I put together The Goofball Rally. The name is fashioned after the Gumball Rally, which you may have heard of, that is a real life version of the Cannon Ball Run Rally (yes, the movie 🙂 ).

Participants are able to purchase magnets and t-shirts for the event, or a combo pack including both at a discounted price.

The Goofball, now in its 7th year, draws VW Enthusiasts, or “dubbers” as they’ve come to be called, from all over Tennessee and its surrounding states and has even brought participants from as far as Wisconsin.
Beginning in Memphis, the rally makes a stop in Murfreesboro, where participants from Clarksville and Nashville join. Announcements are made and magnets are handed out to the drivers and we’re off to the next stop in Chattanooga, where the Knoxville leg meets us for a final fuel up and prize giveaway before heading south toward Helen, Ga. While arrival and departure is on a strict schedule, speeding and reckless driving are strongly discouraged.

After making our way through several small towns, our route takes us along Hwy 129, which is the highway that the world famous Tail of the Dragon resides on. The winding roads give drivers a real treat before delivering the rally just outside of Helen, where literally THOUSANDS of other Volkswagens & Audis are arriving for one of the greatest events in the country.

In more recent years, we’ve accepted sponsors to make the event even more enjoyable to our participants, providing gas cards and other prizes to raffle winners.
In addition to curating the event, I provided the logo for Goofball Rally, design for magnets, t-shirts, event fliers, banner ads, etc.